​​​2015 Terra Mar Pet Parade & Halloween Party

This year's parade also had two floats to enhance the Halloween spirit. The ghost float was created by Daniela Fox with some engineering from Peter Wallis.  The second float with the smoking skeleton mushing the hounds from hell was created by Peter and Torran Wallis with a little inspiration from Bill Duffy.

This year we started  at the intersection of Aqua Vista and  W. Terra Mar Dr. and walked south and down many streets, eventually circling the island.  Along the way we saw a few parade watchers.  If we missed you, we apologize.

Mighty creative!  If you look closely you can see the ghosts lining the base of the blue wagon and the cigar sticking out of the skeleton's mouth.  Hopefully next year we can exceed the creativity shown this year and have additional Halloween inspired floats created by our fellow neighbors.    

We definitely took up the entire street.  Good thing we have little traffic on Terra Mar Island.  Right at the end of the parade it started to rain so everyone had to make a mad dashes to their homes to prevent getting soaked before the party.  Click on the candy corn below if you want to see more Halloween pics.

Here are a few pictures showing neighbors and friends enjoying the walk. Based on some of the behavior of a few of the pets, they must not get the chance to play with other animals very often.  A few dogs got a little excited and a few got a little intimidated but there were no confrontations.  We only had dogs at this year's parade but all pets are welcome.     

The 2015 Pet parade had approximately 40 participants as well as around  15 pets that made the trek around the island.  Many pets and people were in costume.  Note that you can click on the pictures to see a larger image if desired.  Some of the pets and people even had matching themes.  Some costumes were just plain creepy!  

The neighborhood kids definitely enjoyed the chance to dress up and ham-it-up for the cameras.  Ninjas must be popular this year!  We also had  a wizard and a sorceress.