Our annual meeting was held on February 25th, 3:00 at the Emerald Tower Condo meeting room on the south side of Terra Mar drive as you enter the island.  Approximately 40 residents participated.  We were honored to have two representatives from BSO that gave a brief talk as well as a guest speaker, Linda Connor, a representative from Lauderdale by the Sea.  The discussions centered around El Mar Beach access, vacation rentals, and approval of new officers.  

Lite snacks were provided such as cookies, cheese and crackers.  Also, a few wine selections were provides as well as some sort drinks.

This year discussions were rather spirited regarding El Mar and beach access.  This is a very sensitive subject that inspires anxiety on both sides of the issue.

Please note that the Terra Mar Civic Association has no authority regarding El Mar beach access.  The El Mar Beach Club is a totally separate association.  Just a few homes on the island have actual deeded beach access.  These homes are on the south side of the island.  If a seller or a realtor claim that a property has access thru El Mar, please ask for documentation.  The further north the property is the less likely that the property has true deeded access.  If the property is in Pompano Beach then you do not have deeded access.      

 Some residents have been sold properties that have been misrepresented as having beach access.  Beach access thru El Mar is deeded and cannot be purchased or gained thru other means.  If you feel that you were misrepresented regarding beach access then speak to the board of realtors and do not reward the realtor with a listing in the future.  It is the position of the Terra Mar Island Civic Association that we will stand silent regarding El Mar Beach Access because the association has neither the resources nor inclination to address beach access issues.

 Linda Connors, a representative from Lauderdale By the Sea, spoke regarding some issues that concern the island.  She spoke about the two development projects just north of the island entrance.  It appears that the first project that was proposed about halfway north of the island has stalled and will not be going forward.  The development further north is underway and they are starting to rework the sea walls.

 Vacation Rentals can be a neighborhood annoyance.  Linda spoke regarding existing legislation regarding Vacation Rentals relative to Lauderdale by the Sea.  Please
click here for an extensive detailing of the Vacation Rental Rules for Lauderdale by the Sea.  Note that Pompano Beach is largely silent regarding Vacation Rentals.  The link includes a link to a map of authorized vacation rentals.  The gist of the issue is that the owners of the Vacation Rentals are protected and the fines that can be imposed are relatively small and have little teeth.  Our best recourse is to not tolerate inappropriate behavior of the vacationers and call the BSO when disturbing behavior occurs.  BSO representatives at the meeting reiterated their support stating their willingness to respond to reported disturbances.      

 New board officers were approved.  John Graziano was approved as the new president, Karen D’Uva was approved as the new Vice President, and Staci Bluestein was approved as the new Treasurer.  Go to SunBiz for more details.  


2017 Annual Meeting