In the spring of 2016 the board voted to improve the landscaping that was provided initially using association funds.   The work consisted of moving some of the plants and trees as well as adding some colorful or more mature additions.  In addition to vegetation changes, new mulch and some rocks were added.  A special thanks to Jillian Studders for her landscape design as well as the implementation of the landscape design.  We also thank Chuck Clark for his patience during the project.  Chuck allowed for the revision of his existing sprinklers to assure that the new landscaping gets adequate watering.  For a more detailed accounting of the landscaping project please access our recent newsletter.  For some pictures of the new landscaping click the button below.


Entry Way Asphalt Referbishment

​Replacement of Existing "Terra Mar Island" Sign

Redesign of Landscaping around New Sign

There have been various projects that have been completed in the past to improve the island.  One of the must significant was the addition of the gate system at the entrance.  We also had decorative pillars and pelican statues added to the entrance as well as a painting party that repainted the bridge.  

Below is a few pictures of the bridge repainting project as well as the pillar installation.  Note that additional information regarding these projects is welcome such as dates or pictures .      

The association worked with the city of Lauderdale by the Sea to replace our current sign.  The old sign has served us well over the years but it has started to outlive its useful life.  Two proposed new designs were created and sent out to the association members via email to vote on in August of 2015.  The overwhelming majority of the association members voted for the "Island" option.  A second vote was done to agree the lettering design.  The "Island" plan was sent to the Lauderdale by the Sea and has been approved.  

​Late December 2015 the new Terra Mar Island sign was installed.  The sign is centered so it can be seen straight ahead while entering the island.  The two pillars that border the entrance near the two gates where also recently painted to match the new sign.  Recently in March of 2016, landscaping was added to the area around the sign.​​  Below is a button that will take you to some pictures that relate to the sign project.

In September of 2014 Diane Grigsby approached the Terra Mar board regarding a grant that was available thru the city of Lauderdale by the Sea.  With approval from the board, Diane applied for the grant and Terra Mar Island was awarded the grant to the island.  The grant approved the beautification of our entry way pavement, replacement of the existing Terra Mar sign, and new landscaping of the signage area.  Initially, there were discussions of using pavers at the entryway but the city rejected the proposal stating that pavers are too high maintenance.  Therefore, we settled on the stamped asphalt with a decal in the middle.

The city laid the stamped asphalt and decal in May 2015.  Unfortunately, the results were disappointing due to the distinct contrast between the center strip decal and the stamped asphalt.  For the a more detailed explanation regarding the project, please read the July 2015 newsletter article titled "Lauderdale by the Sea Municipal Grant to Terra Mar Island Update".  After follow-up discussions with the city on how to improve the project, it was decided to add a white border to the stamped asphalt.  The added boarder was an encouraging improvement.  A more dramatic revision was discussed but the city rebuffed these ideas.  The city's stance regarding a dramatic revision is that at this time it would be a waste of time and resources to do a major revision since the roadway leading into Terra Mar Island is scheduled for repaving within the next year and a half.  During the repaving process, the stamped asphalt will be replaced as well.  Therefore we will have another chance to beautify the entrance way when the road is being repaved.               

In July of 2016 the pillars at the front entrance were redesigned with pyramid shaped tops as well as the addition of painted shutters in the recessed portions of the pillars.  The project was funded through a grant from Lauderdale by the Sea.  The intention of the redesigned pillars is to create a more consistent flow with the newly installed Terra Mar sign.  As part of the project, the existing pelicans were moved from the top of the pillars to the curb on the western side of the gate.  

As of July 22, 2016, the project was almost completed and just needed to have some stucco work done on the top of the pillars to smooth the concrete at the top.  As of August 30, 2016 the stucco work was completed.  Now we will paint the pillars to match the sign colors.  Please click on the button below to see pictures of the project as it developed.               



Terra Mar Island  Projects